In this tightly crafted murder mystery, Sam Carpenter gets roaring drunk and awakens in a mystery all of his own.

Depressed after his girlfriend leaves him, Carpenter runs up against writer’s block. To ease his way into writing the murder scene of his favorite character, he drinks too much and passes out. But when the author awakens, he realizes he’s entered his own novel and finds himself trapped inside the story he still hasn’t finished.

Perhaps if Carpenter could solve the mystery of his book, The Bronze Bull, his real life would fall back into place, and maybe he can even write himself out of his dilemma. But then he meets the woman in his book.

This novel inside a novel is British author Mark P. Henderson’s interesting premise. His setting for Perilaus, the bronze bull of Sicilian history, is Edinburgh, Scotland, a city known for its charming byways and poets. Although Henderson is completing his second novel, the hero of his book is working on his fifth.

About the Author

Mark P. Henderson is an accomplished writer with numerous publishing credits. He is currently writing a book about the origin of a local folktale. He attended Edinburgh Medical School and runs an online medical/scientific journal. Henderson lives in the Peak District of Derbyshire, about 20 miles from Manchester, England. If asked his age, Henderson replies, “I’m ancient. Carbon-14 dating would give surprising results.”