Purple Butterflies – Danielle Golden

The world is changing, everyone knows that. But, for one girl her entire life is about to turn upside down in a single day. That day she was sitting in a very uncomfortable chair listening to a stranger tell her about herself, her best friend by her side. That day, after so many weird things had happened, this stranger told her she wasn’t like everyone else. Looking down at her fat body and kinky hair she thought, well, obviously. But then he said something that made her entire body tingle. ‘Darby you’re a fairy.’ Not just any fairy, but a very special fairy with more power then any fairy before her. He smiled his encouragement, but Darby was afraid. Afraid of the dark-cloaked man. Darby’s next few days were the worst days of her life, but looking back … those day were also the very best. Those were the days when this one fat girl realized she was so much more then she had ever imagined.

About the Author

DW lives nestled in the forests of Missouri amongst the grazing sheep and fi elds of cattle.

She waits anxiously at 4:30 every day for her children to run in the door from school to lavish them with welcome home hugs. The clear, unpolluted countryside inspires her tales of fantasy and magic and she hopes that one day a real fairy will introduce herself and play with her in the fall leaves and dappled autumn grass.