Shirley’s Garden

When Beth Larson became pregnant with twin girls, she and her family were ecstatic about welcoming these gifts from God into their home.

But nineteen weeks into her pregnancy, a problem occurred—one of the babies showed distress and Beth’s doctor ordered that she be completely bedridden.  As Beth lay in her hospital room, she prayed for the safe delivery of her girls.  Then at twenty-six weeks, Beth went into premature labor and Madelyne and Shirley were born.

Madelyne managed to survive, but Shirley died in her mother’s arms after only twelve hours.  Beth and her family were devastated—this is their story through an unimaginable grief and their journey back to acceptance and healing.

When Beth brought Madelyne home, her heart was filled with the joy of having her new daughter, but at the same time, empty because of Shirley’s absence.  For the first year, Beth went to grief counseling and had a difficult time visiting the cemetery gardens where her precious girl was buried—her book is a loving testament to her daughter’s short life and serves as “Shirley’s Garden.”

Larson’s amazing book contains beautiful illustrations depicting what she refers to as her, “superheroes,” her husband, children, and outer circle of friends.  They not only helped her through her grief, but had their own process to undergo.  Her book is meant to celebrate the life of Shirley and help others, who may be going through a similar situation, feel connected and realize that they are not alone.

Larson offers hope, resolution and healing—this moving and deeply personal story will touch your heart and soul and offers hope to anyone experiencing the loss of a loved one.

About the Author
Beth Larson is a writer and works in the steel industry.  Mrs. Larson is currently writing two novels and is attending Grand Canyon University to obtain her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Psychology.  She lives with her family in Wisconsin.