Tallie, the Guardian of Fire

The Territories, an undeveloped country, is a haven for demons.

Demons roam the land freely, some half-human and benevolent, some very evil.  Some are seeking justice for the wrongs that have been committed against them.

Tallie, who is part beautiful woman and part panther demon, seeks to avenge her mother and, while on her quest, learns that she has six brothers and sisters.

With the help of her long lost love, Blaze, and her childhood best friend, Shinya, the three travel to the Northern Territory to save her baby sister and brother from her father.  Tallie has the gift of fire but, along her journey, unforeseen incidents cause her to lose her power.  Tallie must endure numerous tribulations to prove she is worthy to become the Guardian of Fire and Queen of the Demon Hunters.

But things aren’t always what they seem and Tallie learns the real truth about her mother’s death.  Now she must channel all her energies and strength to seek vengeance and, in doing so, restore balance to the known world.

Who murdered Tallie’s mother? Will she be able to realize her destiny or will her mother’s murderer destroy that as well?

Katzuk’s masterful debut novel is filled with bloodthirsty demons, a beautiful heroine and the universal theme of good and evil.  Fans of the fantasy genre will recognize Katzuk as a new favorite.  Expect to see this newcomer and her magical and charismatic characters again and again.

About the Author

Ms. Katzuk is currently working on the next book in the Guardian series, Donmen, the Guardian of Ice.  She lives in Alberta, Canada.