The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty

Benjamin Boyd was a great storyteller (and big brother) for his younger sister, Ruby. Now, with the release of his first published book, he is well on his way to becoming a great children’s author. With an imaginative twist that brings the historical Humpty to a modern-day Egg Kingdom, children and adults will enjoy reading the (mis) adventures of our favorite little egg boy.

Young Humpty Dumpty wants to make friends with Shellga, the new girl in town. But every time he works up the nerve to talk to her, Sunny Side Up and Sunny Side Down (the very “anti-boy” Sunny Side Twins) do their best to scramble his plans.

After his failed attempts to talk to Shellga and getting an “F” on his spelling paper, poor Humpty is starting to feel pretty rotten. But with the help of his grandpa Dumpty and best friend, Eggden, things may not be so hard-cooked for little Humpty after all!

Follow the adventures of a lovable little egg boy before he took his famous fall from the wall in this original offshoot from a classic children’s tale.

About the Author
Benjamin Boyd works as a house painter and is currently working on the next installment in his series. The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty is his first published book. Benjamin lives in Walterboro, South Carolina.