The Awakening

A deeply spiritual compilation of poetry, The Awakening encompasses life’s difficulties and how to deal with them.
“He is the light that shines the path, but people shy away to walk in the dark,” writes Daniel Gereige in his poem Wrath of God.

Gereige believes that his poetry in The Awakening considers the most important aspects of life, those found through faith in God and Jesus. He also believes that people are afraid of what they don’t see. Interweaving the parables of Jesus into everyday problems, Gereige’s enlightened poetry speaks to those with doubts or anxieties, those who lack self confidence or follow the wrong path, those with a negative self image. He finds his own inspiration listening to the classical music from the movie “Platoon.”

About the Author

Daniel Gereige’s own life experiences and faith are enmeshed in his poetry. He hopes he will inspire and help those who read his words, because “faith is the essence of man’s existence.” A builder by trade, Gereige has been writing poetry for a decade. He lives with his wife and daughter in Sydney, Australia.