The Bible: Behind the Scenes

“Wow! This is a wonderful, thought-provoking, and heart-warming story. This is a true love story to the core. As a Christian, I truly appreciate and love how the author took biblical principles and spiritual laws, and turned them into a story that even those who have never read the Bible can learn from, understand, and enjoy.

This book was a blessing to me, and I know that it will be a blessing to others as well. Everyone loves a good love story, and this one has all of the attributes of the greatest love story of all time. It tugs at your heart strings, gives you hope, reveals the ultimate of betrayals, and has a happy ending. This was a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I can’t thank the author enough for writing this.” — Darya Crockett – Editor

“This is a good piece of work. The readers will thank you for writing this material. You have made this material fun to read and comprehend.” — Cynthia Sherman – Critique

About the Author

Ilze Henderson is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Internal Auditor by profession, but first and foremost she is a dedicated Christian who loves the Lord. She believes that she was truly inspired by the Lord to write this book and it comes from deep within her heart. Her hope is that this book would inspire people to be the best that they can be and make the most of their journey in life. She is married to Debruin and has a beautiful boy named Jonathan.