The Curse of a Warrior

Before the beginning of earth, there was an ancient story… a story so ancient that very few can recall it.

An epic adventure begins for a young warrior in James A. Swezey’s powerful fantasy novel of good versus evil.

As the story unfolds we are introduced to Gash, a wanderer whose simple existence comes to a shattering end when he becomes caught in the midst of a battle between followers of the Great One and the Shadow Lord. Unable to break away from this rivalry, Gash must fight for his survival amidst civil unrest within a shattered kingdom.

The shadow of evil grows longer with each passing day, but will the citizens realize their destruction lies within their own hands? Will Gash lay aside his own personal vendetta for a chance to save what he once sought to destroy?

Fans of The Lord of the Rings as well as Star Wars will enjoy the action-packed scenes and gripping tale of a young hero’s journey from wanderer to warrior. Entertaining and suspenseful, Curse of A Warrior will entice its readers with a strong plot, intriguing characters, and an enchanting setting.

About the Author

Author James A. Swezey grew up in the Midwest and currently lives in San Diego, California. The second book of A Warrior’s Tale is in the works.