The Drokenzian System

The Drokenzian System is in grave danger, taken over by the evil and demonic natured Auric. His brother Alexander is next in line for the throne, and is the complete opposite to his brother.  In order to get it and save the worlds he loves, he must outwit and overcome Auric at all costs.

With the help of a very unique human named Paige from the planet Earth they travel through the strange lands of the system meeting many people on the way to their goal…and their destiny.

Together Paige and Alexander battle with underwater creatures, strange demons that would rather eat you than look at you, and come face to face with a fierce dragon with fire in its belly. They must dodge Auric’s minions and Auric himself, all the while trying to keep their spirits up and emotions in check.

Saving The Drokenzian System proves a difficult task with evil perils lurking around every darkened corner. Paige and Alexander witness life, death, and the struggling of worlds in danger of becoming no more, and through it all they become strong enough together to defy the odds and find a love that even the galaxies cannot stand between.
This is The Drokenzian System, and it is only the beginning…