The Fuhrer Virus

Conspiracy Threatens to Leave the US Vulnerable in Heart-Stopping Speculative Fiction

A young U.S. army officer races to stop the scheme of a cabal of German officers and high-powered American supporters in The Fuhrer Virus.

1941: Hitler’s Blitzkrieg ravages Europe while a neutral America sits on the sidelines. In the shadows of Washington and Berlin, a malevolent senator and ruthless business tycoon join forces with a cabal of fanatical German patriots to hatch a diabolical scheme that will decide the outcome of the war. Meanwhile, a young U.S. army officer ponders his uncertain future as a fledgling intelligence operative in a new, central agency. What Michael Barnes does not realize, however, is that he is about to be plunged into a terrifying global odyssey-a desperate race against time that will propel him from New York to Mexico, then into the cauldron of Nazi-occupied Europe, bringing him face to face with murderous conspirators, and the deadly, infectious virus they have harnessed.

About the Author

Paul Schultz was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on November 9, 1963.  He attended the University of Waterloo, and received an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in History in 1987.  The following year, he attended the University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario), and received a Bachelor of Education degree in 1988.  From September 1988 until the present, he has been a member of the teaching faculty at Courtice Secondary School (between Oshawa and Bowmanville, Ontario).  The author’s specialty is History.  He also teaches English, Civics, Economics, and a number of other subjects.