The IKE Disease

Writer and former guidance counselor Roger Casterline has written an invaluable book, The IKE Disease, which will become the resource for communicating with your children.

Do you often feel as if you and your teenager live on different planets? Do you wish that you had a better way to understand their thoughts and guide them toward realizing their full potential?

So often, parents and their children’s ideas aren’t so different—it’s the way in which each communicate that sometimes halts understanding between the two. At some point in time a teenager will begin the feel like, I, K, and E, “I Know Everything.” This misguided feeling signals the beginning of, The IKE Disease. Should the disease be left unattended the teenager will suffer great hardship in the home, school, and community.

Using a conversational and personal tone, Casterline’s brilliant concept deals with peer pressure and parent/teen relationships. Casterline’s former experience as a middle/high school teacher and counselor gives excellent credibility to his ideals for cementing a rock-solid and healthy relationship with your children.

If you’re looking for a fresh and innovative way to communicate with your children, Casterline’s common sense approach coupled with his deeply held spiritual teachings will have you on your way to bridging the generation gap.

The IKE Disease will become a permanent staple in your home library and indispensable resource in which you and your children will refer to time and time again.

About the Author

Roger Casterline is a fulltime writer. Mr. Casterline, a guidance counselor for over 27 years and FBI agent for 10 years, continues to counsel troubled youth in his community. He has three children, nine grandchildren, and lives with his wife of 47 years in Sanford, Florida.