The Laugh That Could, And Did, Change The World

The Laugh comes alive in a timeless tale as it is faced with challenges, awakenings and even love on a journey that changed the world.

The Laugh that Could, and Did, Change the World is a motivational book written in the style of a parable. It provides an accessible self-reflection on how the honest expression of laughter can be profitable, and reminds us why we suppress our laugh. With light-hearted insight, it tells the timeless story of our inner struggles to rediscover and free our laughter as a powerful voice that can enrich our lives, lighten personal burdens, lift spirits, spark relationships, improve health, dissolve fear, and build profitable bridges of collaboration in business and politics.

In this inspiring journey of courage, the laugh is exposed as a trusted ally and confidant that we can count on during the most difficult of times. There is power in the realization that our laughter is only a breath away. The parable is one of discovery, enlightenment and humor.

If you want a better work life, a happier personal life, richer relationships, a natural sense of hope, and increased confidence, then The Laugh is for you. In a world that grows increasingly busier and more serious, laughter may be the best medicine for a healthy and profitable life.

“Laughter heals. It is free and is the very best medicine for the mind, body, and spirit. I recommend a daily dose for everyone.” – Rev. Rick Freeman, Spiritual Life Coach and Healer

“My life is in ruin and I’m going bankrupt, but I’m putting this book on my credit card.” – Author unknown

About the Author

Dan Wright, the author/illustrator, has spent a lifetime discovering the many benefits and styles of the laugh. He has been blessed with countless laugh mates who have enriched his life. Now he shares with you the rewards he has received, as he reveals this treasure in The Laugh. Dan has a B.S. in Education and Psychology and for many years was a therapeutic coach for traumatic brain injury and mentally challenged persons. He currently works in business, is an engaging speaker, and is a visual artist whose whimsical creations have been seen in juried group shows and corporate offices. Dan resides in Littleton, Colorado.