The Ring of Knowledge

Carl Wiley’s The Ring of Knowledge is an exciting tale that fantasy fans will absolutely adore!

Filled with vivid characters, powerfully visceral narration, and a plotline that expertly weaves suspense and fantasy, Wiley’s debut novel will leave readers wanting more.

Corwin, the young prince of Plyorth, must return home to ascend to the throne of his birthright.  But Corwin must escape the evil intentions of his nemesis and parents’ murderer, Jolkur first.  Luckily, he finds help along the way.

Viena and Javal are two children that aid Corwin on his journey and the three not only have to return the wizard, Natlock to his human form and arrive in Plyorth, unharmed, but also free Corwin’s mentor from confinement!

In order to complete their journey and ensure that Corwin’s home and birthright are preserved, the Ring of Knowledge must be found to free Rourke and to keep Jolkur from taking over and destroying all that is precious to Corwin.  The three children and Natlock enlist the help of a sprite, Antara who guides them to find the prized ring.

What happens when this motley crew finds the ring?  How will the children stop Jolkur?  What does Corwin find that will lead him to yet another undiscovered treasure of his homeland and his birthright?

Wiley’s jewel of a novel has all the fantastic elements that make a fantasy tale a treasure to read—supernatural spirits, witches, wizards, breathless action and the universal theme of good versus evil.  Get ready fantasy fans—a new favorite author of your genre has arrived.

About the Author

Carl Wiley is a writer and in management in a London-based corporation.  Mr. Wiley plans to write a trilogy of Corwin’s adventures.  He lives with his wife, son and daughter in New Jersey.  The Ring of Knowledge is his first book.