The Sons of Plato

Author Richard Meyer creates a fantastic Sci-Fi adventure about a teenager’s attempts to rescue his time-trapped girlfriend from the clutches of a future arch nemesis. A brilliant story reminiscent of the writings of Jules Verne, Meyer puts a creative twist on modern-day issues, combines it with wonderfully developed characters and turns it into an epic tale that takes you on a thrilling voyage beyond space and time.

The brilliant yet immature Milton Hancock and his girlfriend, Jane, become separated by centuries when hired hoodlums attempt to steal his latest invention: a machine capable of transporting objects through time.

Trapped in the future while Jane is caught in the past, Milton finds himself captured and thrown into a detention center in the lunar crater, Plato. With the help of his fellow inmates, Milton must use his brilliance, and untapped courage, to make a daring escape back in time to rescue his beloved Jane before arch villain Bertha can destroy their future. In order to do so, only one person will be able to follow back in time and destroy her…but the one who goes can never return.

About the Author

As a teenager, Richard Meyer enjoyed writing short stories for his little sister, Janet.  Inspired by the classics of Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo and Jules Verne, Richard plans to continue writing epic novels as well as non-fiction.  He and his wife, Dianne, have two grown children and live on Australia’s Gold Coast.