The Truth about Islam

Non-Muslims in Islamic countries are exposed to the religion of Islam 24 hours, seven days a week, for their entire life (No freedom of choice here). They hear five prayers between 6: 00 AM and 8:00 PM everyday on radio, television, Loud Speakers and other public address systems that cover every square inch of the country, whether they want to or not. They get to hear the Koran recited for hours every day. The non-Muslim is a second class citizen who is not allowed to rule or hold key position in the country. He can live in the abode of Islam as long as he doesn’t preach his religions outside his community, doesn’t insult Islam or criticize the Prophet, and he must pay a religion tax. The punishment for leaving Islam is death (most recently a young woman killed in Saudi Arabia and one in Jordan for leaving Islam; Sept. 2008]. Islam gives its followers the right to kill non-Muslims, and take their wives, children, and possessions as a booty blessed by the Koran and the Hadith. Only a Muslim man can legally lie to his wives, and his enemies.

The Truth about Islam is the shocking result of a serious study of Islam based on full knowledge of the original text and famous Islamic Scholars interpretations, old and new. The reality this book makes clear is the fact that the Koran and Hadith are full of hatred and falsehood. More than 80% of the Koran is Heretics Contemplations. Stories that do not agree with the Bible or the History of Judaism and Christianity; e.g. Stories about Moses and other prophets and about Jesus that are not supported by history or religion. The other 20% of the Koran is Arab Mythology (‘Rewayaat Al-Awaleen’) from Arab, Assyrian, and Persian Folktales, as the people of Mecca told Muhammad and for that they became his prime enemies. Included in the Koran Zoroastrian and Assyrian stories that were public knowledge from 300 BC and to this day. Examples abound; e.g. the People of the Cave Surrah contains four stories: 1) the story of the men of the cave and their dog (Rip Van Winkle); 2)  the Story of the two horned king (‘Zul Quarnein’) is an untrue far out story about Alexander the Great; 3) A story about Pharaoh and Moses that is mentioned no where in the Egyptian history or Jewish tradition, and 4) ‘Khader’ (the green boy) who took Moses [no historic proof] to the land between the two rivers and frightened Moses by drowning the boat they were in, killing a man unfairly, and ate half a salted fish (whale) and brought it back to life to guide them on their river journey? Challenging the authenticity of the Koran is an insult to Islam punished by death. Criticizing Muhammad is the same category. This continues to be the rule?

The increase of Islamic terrorism (Jihad) starting with the Munich Olympics massacre of 1972, hijackings, attacks on Non-Muslim individuals and properties, and suicide killings culminating in the attack on September 11, 2001 (9/11) that resulted in killing 2993 innocent people in: 1) the attack on the WTC, 2) the attack on the Pentagon, and 3) the crash of Flight 93 are the saddest events in modern history. These events motivated the author to research this subject even more and give the non-Arabic speaker the full truth about Islam. Thousands of verses enticing the Muslim with rewards to kill ‘al-kafrah wal Mushrekeen’: the infidels (Christians and Jews), idol worshippers, and all unbelievers. The killers (Mujahedeen) are promised 72 Virgins in Jinnah (Islam Heaven) that are forever virgins [the text goes as low as describing a piece of skin that gets penetrated and returns back over and over again for eternity]. One kiss can last 70 years, mansions, a free market, flesh of all fowls for meat, fresh fruits in all seasons, three  rivers to drink: water, milk, and wine (mind you); and a river of “kawsar” (Precious Stones). A lazy lusting eternal life that is the best reason for a young person to commit murder in the name of “Allah”.

There are already 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world (God Bless them all). You are paying $5.00 per Gallon of Gasoline now, while it is still traded for less than $1 among Muslim Countries. Read this book and understand and be ready to defend our civilization from an imminent danger called more spread of Islam. There is no democracy in Islam? Can you imagine a Muslim USA. It can happen if we don’t understand the danger and defend our civilization by facing the danger with full knowledge of the text that rules the lives of true Muslims and their history of 1400 years of conquest with no end in sight.