The Underbed Entertainment Network

Joey wants to escape from his world, and he finds a way when he learns that something has been happening to the stuff he throws under his bed in The Underbed Entertainment Network.

Everything that Joey throws under his bed, from toys to dirty underwear, becomes fair game for the Underbed Entertainment Network (UEN). And with his new friends Bewee and Meager, Joey sets out to explore it all.

Life in Joey’s house isn’t easy; his parents aren’t together anymore. But he knows that he can get away with Bewee and Meager and explore a wondrous world of magic and adventure.

Bewee, Meager and the Underbed Entertainment Network will delight any child that needs to take a break from the adult world and tap into the hope and joy of their imagination.

About the Author

Kele Sewell is an accomplished author with numerous publishing credits. His two novels are entitled The First of July and A Heartbeat Away. He has written three screenplays. Kele’s screenplay The Corporate Kid is being produced by Not Me Productions as an independent film. Kele is a practicing physician and retired pharmacist. He lives and works in a small Georgia town, Bremen.