Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen

Tried and True Recipes is a book that cooks, from beginners through sophisticated, keep at the front of their cookbook collection for ready reference. Whether about whipping egg whites, baking meringues, cooking with cheese, cooking methods for shrimp or guide to efficient entertaining, the book has the information. Fifty-eight tried and true recipes that the author used in his high-end catering kitchen are sprinkled throughout the text; all recipes use easy-to-find ingredients and most are within the capabilities of the average home cook. The recipes are foolproof and result in excellent food.

About the Author

The author is a culinary scientist, food writer and certified cooking teacher with a strong science and research background (Ph.D., McGill University, Montreal). He is the author of eight published food-related books: a six-book series for young readers Cooking throughout American History and The African-American Kitchen (all seven by The Rosen Publishing Group) and Start and Run a Catering Business (Self-Counsel Press), numerous articles, including in magazines such as Bride’s, Odyssey, Better Nutrition, Home Cooking, The Fisherman and Bowhunter; and newspaper food sections, including the Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, and San Francisco Chronicle. The author emphasizes basic cooking knowledge by explaining the hows and whys of food and cooking through kitchen-level physics and chemistry that enables readers to be better and more efficient cooks.