True Love is not Common – Peter Silwamba

In his book True Love is not Common, Author Peter Silwamba chronicles events that show how friendships can be formed and lost.

The love story centers on characters living in the small family village of Mbalabala. Two cousins, Ebusi and Mwaka, are the beautiful wom­en in their family. They attract a lot of men within Mbalabala and surround­ing villages. Ebusi marries a man named Mumbi, but her family doesn’t love him because he is poor. Ebusi loves Mumbi regardless of his income or her family’s feelings. Her cousin Mwaka, however, loves men for their wealth. She marries a rich man named Musyani because he can take care of her and make her a wealthy wife.

Silwamba shows the true life of his characters, reflecting real situation in the community. Follow his entertaining blend of characters to see how friendship and love grows between people with wealth.