Since the beginning of time man has feared one thing more than anything else… death.

Joseph Surgeon was a professional killer, a merciless hit-man, interested only in the money, and he possessed a special gift: he could see the face of the other world, the dead world, and the face of Death itself.

His talents brought him infamy and wealth and then Death came to call. Having contracted the AIDS virus from a prostitute, Joseph Surgeon faced his own demise when Death made a very strange demand… indeed the “entity” made of that overwhelmed assassin its own delegate; giving him supernatural powers and leaving the man an assignment of death, for an indefinite time.

So it begins… the unusual adventure of Surgeon, the new Death.

About the Author

Nick Mur was born in Italy and holds degrees in Classical Arts and Archaeology. His studies in ancient myths and symbols has brought him to the US and study of Native American cultures.

Author of five published novels in Italy, VICARIOUS is Mur’s first offering to US readers.

Mur resides in Olbia, Italy.